Monthly Golf Anecdote
"Life is short, health vital, and dollars incapable of transfer to the next world.  Therefore, there is much to be said for a reasonable enjoyment of life in this." - Lord Birkenhead

Lord B. penned these words after World War I.  He was making the case for why businessmen and women ought to occasionally cease from the business of making money and play golf. 

He makes some good points, namely:
Life is short.
 A conventional truism but one that still packs a punch.  When you die you are dead a long time.  You might as well have a spot of fun while you have the chance.

Dollars are incapable of transfer to the next world.  This, too, is a fact.  While some wealthy individuals may have tried to do it, none , so far, has succeeded.  (The IRS won't allow it.) We spend a great deal of our abbreviated lives accumulating capital.  Capital is good.  The more the better.  But what is the point of piling high the capital if we do not take a moment every now and then to enjoy it.

There is much to be said for a reasonable enjoyment of life.  Heck, there is much to be said for an unreasonable enjoyment of life.  Birkenhead was British, though, and therefore all the enjoyment he permitted himself was of the reasonable kind.
To sum up:

Time is running out.  You can't take it with you.  Therefore, make hay while the sun shines.  Enjoy yourself.  Kick up your heels.  What's the point of playing golf if you're not?  What's the point of anything.

Resolved:  I have a little fun today on the golf course.

From The Golfer's Book of Daily Inspiration - A Year of Motivation, Revelation, and Instruction by Kevin Nelson

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